"We were very impressed by the services TLC Lerning center offered to us. Our daughter loves to go there and her improvement in reading is amazing!!! Thank you!"                           


"We are so grateful for the help we received at TLC. From the 1st phone call to the final assesment, nothing but friendliness, professionalism and the ability to put you at ease. Thank you!"

​                                                                                -Rose

Tidewater Learning Center

3701 Pacific Avenue  Suite 400

Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Phone (757)437-0936


Tidewater Learning Center

3701 Pacific Avenue  Suite 400

Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Phone (757)437-0936

 "...you tested one of my daughters and we were   extremely pleased with all aspects of your services."                           


 "The Tidewater Learning Center was an incredible resource for both me and my   child. They did a wonderful job with the testing in helping me fully understand   where our daughter may have learning challenges. And then, they were able to   meet her exactly where she needed support in those areas. Marie and Christin   were very accommodating with scheduling and the center itself is a fabulous   facility. The Learning Center definitely gets an A+!"


 "I wanted to thank you... because of you we were able to   get [my son] what he needed to be able to learn to read   and to learn not only to manage his dyslexia but to   actually excel at doing so."

​                                                                                -Melissa

"When we brought our 2nd grade son, Alex, to TLC, he was struggling with reading and comprehension. Along with that, his self- esteem had taken a huge hit as well. His twin brother was soaring in reading, writing and comprehension; which made things worse for Alex. We, as his parents, were struggling to watch because he was such a bright student and had this amazing heart. If only we could convince Alex of that.

I was talking with a random parent on the baseball field who suggested I see Marie Sexton at TLC to have Alex tested. I liked what I heard, so I made the best decision ever. We made our appointment; even though no one at his elementary school had suggested it. They just said he was going to “grow out of it”. And that some boys take a little longer. We knew it was something else.

Alex was tested and showed deficiencies as we expected. Marie set us up with tutoring with Christin and a plan. It was a perfect fit. I saw Alex’s self- esteem grow and his desire to continue the work with Christin. Once in 3rd grade Alex was, per recommended from the school and supported by Christin, evaluated for an IEP. It was a difficult decision for us but it was the right decision. Alex continued to show improvement..slowly…but was always so excited to work with Christin because it gave him such confidence. He was excited to read and used all of her suggestions. In the 5th grade Alex failed the Reading SOL. This was devastating to him..and to us. Going into middle school…his self- esteem was hit hard with this. I cried to Christin who told me she noticed he had difficulty focusing while reading. As much as he tried..he just couldn’t comprehend and focus. Because she had seen Alex for so many years, Christin knew that he had the ability and this was the missing piece.

Christin delicately discussed with me having Alex test for ADD. We were again devastated. We did the research and had him tested with recommendations again from TLC and Christin.

After testing, results showed that Alex had ADD. He was put on a low dose of medication. We watched our boy soar.

He excelled in middle school. I was so nervous, but he felt like he could take on anything. Alex found his love of music in the band and maintained an A average in 6th grade even while taking accelerated classes.

Alex made the decision to take a break from seeing Christin so he could play on a Cooperstown baseball team; but always said he would go back ASAP. He would say he missed his tutor sessions.

Enter the 7th grade. Alex, again in the band and taking accelerated classes maintained a 3.9 GPA, played in baseball, continued his love of sports and community service.

Alex was inducted into the National Junior Honor Society at Great Neck Middle School this year along with his twin brother.

We owe so much to The Tidewater Learning Center and to Christin Rogers for giving our boy the foundation he needed to succeed. She also gave us, his parents the support we needed.

Alex will go far in this life! Thank you, Tidewater Learning Center, Marie Sexton and Christin Rogers!"