Tidewater Learning Center, Owner and Educational Diagnostician, Marie Sexton, M.Ed., conducts Cognitive-Educational Evaluations.  The testing takes a comprehensive look at the academic profile of an individual.  The testing consists of an IQ test; achievement testing in word reading, spelling, passage reading, comprehension, math, and writing; visual motor integration; and visual and auditory tests for memory and processing.  This evaluation can be used for indicating if gifted abilities, learning disabilities, and ADHD, among other things, are present within someone’s profile.  Background history (health, developmental, and educational) will be collected at the time of testing and will be put in a detailed report with the test results and recommendations.  In many cases, Mrs. Sexton can give verbal results on the day of testing.  A separate, formal conference will also follow once all of the results are processed.  

Testing can be administered to children as young as 5 years old and adults of all ages.  Testing can take between 2-3.5 hours to administer.  Children 7 and younger are scheduled for two sessions.  Testing is usually scheduled within 4 weeks.

Partial evaluations are also available.  Please contact Tidewater Learning Center to discuss your particular needs for testing and to make an appointment.


Testing and Tutoring are by appointment only.

Office hours vary, contact us for more information.



Once we get a good understanding of the needs of a student, they are then matched with one of our specialized tutors.  Our tutors only work one-to-one with their student to ensure a customized experience.  Many of our students attend one or two one-hour sessions a week, depending on their needs.  We never ask you to sign a contract for services.  Just as every student learns differently, every student's rate of progress is different. 

Tutoring can be done in just about any subject and skill area.  We work with students and adults of all ages and achievement levels.  Additionally, we specialize in working with individuals with learning disabilities (dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia), Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, gifted, and twice exceptional students.  Many of our tutors also work with a reading program designed from the Orton-Gillingham Method. 

Although most of our tutoring is held at the TLC office, we may be able to accommodate tutoring at a local library.  Tutoring can usually be set up to start within a week of contacting our center.  We look forward to the opportunity to help you or your child become successful learners.

Tidewater Learning Center

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  • ​​​​Tutoring in all subjects
  • Tutoring at the elementary, middle, high school, & college levels
  • ​Affordable Rates and NO contracts
  • Academic coaching
  • ACT/SAT prep
  • Educational therapy for learning disabilities & ADD/ADHD
  • Complete and partial Cognitive-Educational Evaluations
  • Full written reports
  • Parent and teacher conferences
  • Summer Study skills workshops
  • Seminars & workshops for teachers, private schools, PTAs & other groups