Cognitive-Educational Evaluations can provide you with a better understanding of an individual's full learning profile.  Testing can also help indicate if learning disabilities, processing deficits, ADHD, and gifted abilities are within an individual's profile.  Testing can be administered to children as young as 5 years old and to adults of all ages.  It is never too early or too late to be evaluated.

Tidewater Learning Center

3701 Pacific Avenue  Suite 400

Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Phone (757)437-0936


TLC provides one-on-one tutoring in all subjects, year-round, to students ages 5 to adult. Our tutors also specialize in academic therapy, a style of tutoring and coaching for students with learning disabilities.  Reading instruction is provided by utilizing a program using the Orton-Gillingham Method. Tutoring has proven to not only help an individual improve in their academics but also to improve study skills, visual and auditory processing, memory skills, and remediate learning disabilities. Our program also helps teach students self-monitoring, organization, and behavior modification.  



"The Tidewater Learning Center was an incredible resource for both me and my child.  They did a wonderful job with the testing in helping me fully understand where our daughter may have learning challenges.  And then, they were able to meet her exactly where she needed support in those areas.  Marie and Christin were very accommodating with scheduling and the center itself is a fabulous facility.  The Learning Center definitely gets an A+!"

​- Katherine, April 2018

“I wanted to thank you...because of you we were able to get Andrew what he needed to be able to learn to read and to learn not to only manage his dyslexia but to actually excel at doing so.”

- Melissa, April 2016

"Tyler had the 3rd highest score of all 7th graders in his school

on his English SOL.  He had the highest passing grade in

his class."

- Parent of a student with dyslexia, June 2016